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An elegant classic

This case study showcases how a thoughtful approach to design, craftsmanship, and premium materials can transform a dressing room and adjoining WC into an elegant and functional space that reflects the client's personality and taste.

Chris started out working on a design, proposing an exquisite blend of modern and traditional elements using the finest materials, including luxurious finishes, to create custom-made cabinetry that adds sophistication to the dressing room and seamlessly connects with the adjoining WC.

We created a personalised wardrobe design that included spacious hanging spaces, adjustable shelves, and dedicated sections for shoes, handbags, and accessories. The cabinets were hand-crafted to fit within the structure of the room and fitted on two walls of the room.

The adjoining WC featured a handcrafted vanity cabinet designed to mirror the cabinetry in the dressing room. The vanity included drawers and cabinets, offering ample storage for toiletries. The elegant countertop and high-quality fixtures further enhanced the WC’s luxurious feel.

The chosen finishes and colours were carefully coordinated to harmonise the dressing room and adjoining WC, creating a cohesive and visually appealing space.

  • Design, Craftsmanship, and Premium Materials
  • Modern and traditional elements
  • Personalised wardrobe design
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