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Country Living at it's finest

Take a journey with us as we explore the transformation of a traditional kitchen into a stylish space that harmonises functionality, aesthetics, and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Our client, approached us with a vision of a kitchen that would serve as the heart of their home while reflecting their love for modern country styles. They desired a space that combined the sleekness of contemporary design with the timeless appeal of a country kitchen. Our team eagerly accepted the challenge and embarked on creating their dream culinary haven.

We formulated a design concept that fused modern elements with classic country accents. Our goal was to create a seamless blend of clean lines, natural materials, and warm tones to establish an atmosphere of comfort and sophistication.

To optimise functionality, the kitchen’s layout needed a smooth workflow and efficient use of space. We introduced a central island with ample countertop surface, doubling as a preparation area and a gathering spot for family and friends. The island also featured built-in storage solutions to maximise organisational capacity.

In line with the modern country aesthetic, we hand made cabinetry in a minimalist design with a subtle farmhouse flair. Matte finishes were employed to create a sleek and uncluttered appearance. The ever popular larder cabinet finished in Farrow & Ball Charleston Gray was a necessity to complete the cabinets within the large kitchen space.

To seamlessly integrate modern conveniences, we carefully selected appliances and fixtures that complemented the overall design. The combination of the Armac Martin antique brass and the warm tones of the Farrow & Ball London Clay island colour worked well with the outer cabinets finished in Farrow & Ball Skimming Stone.

The transformation of this kitchen exemplifies our commitment to delivering exceptional design solutions that honour our clients’ desires and reflect their unique style. By seamlessly blending modern and country aesthetics, we created a kitchen that harmonises the old and the new, providing a delightful space where functionality meets beauty.

  • Sleek and uncluttered appearance
  • Farmhouse flair
  • Ample working space
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